Representing Agent: Jess Molloy
Height: 5'3
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Blue
Roles: Actor
Charlotte was born in Stockholm, Sweden. Sadly her family moved and she was raised in Surrey, England. Due to a distinct lack of nutritious Swedish herrings she failed to turn into a six foot blonde stunner. ('Fascinating watch' - Edinburgh Evening News)

Charlotte spent her school days being a bit of an idiot but luckily she realized she might have a future being an idiot for money ('Genuinely funny and superbly silly' - The List) So off she went to Middlesex Uni and studied Performance Arts.

Realising she actually was quite funny (as much as someone born in Sweden can be) she went on to refine this and studied clowning with John Wright, Philippe Gaulier and David Shiner (all required therapy after). ('Charlotte Palmer provides out and out stupidity' Chortle)

Whilst still very green, not literally, Charlotte entered the world of Street Theatre. Touring the world in a double act she learnt how to handle audiences, extreme weather conditions and how to balance on her partner's shoulders without crying, well, apart from two terrible weeks in Tenerife where she cried every day. So she became an actress where she gets paid for crying...sometimes.('Highly talented' - The Scotsman)

Since winning a fancy dress competition back in her school days dressed as a nun Charlotte has hankered after the habit ever since. On hearing about this, and having acted with her in Spaced, Ricky Gervais cast her as a nun and love interest in Extras. "Well it makes a change from playing a prostitute all the time" commented her Mum (The Bill and My Family). ('Subtle, engaging actor' - Chortle)

Changing the subject very briefly, Charlotte would just like to extol the virtues of well known director, Dewi Humphries, who in her opinion is one of the finest directors of his generation. He is creative, innovative and intelligent enough to have cast charlotte five times. (Vicar of Dibley, Harry Enfield ShowAb Fab, My Family x 2).

In 2004 she co-formed Improper, a comedy impro group who improvised...you know...improvisation...make it up as you go along...no script...audience suggests things and they make up skits...? It was a great success, the most notable being for an orthordox Jewish youth group where they performed in total darkness as it was the Sabbath and they weren’t allowed to switch on the lights. Since then Charlotte has improvised her way through two feature films (what do you do when the script writer goes AWOL!) ('A gifted performer, sparkled and showed skill' - Daily Express)

Through the years Charlotte has been writing and performing her own stuff, in collaboration with others who she doesn't care to mention. The following is a list of the ones she's most proud of:

1. On The Trail of Beachcomber
Lots of silly sketches. Edinburgh Festival '96
(5* - Daily Express)
2.Tripterranus - a fast moving comedy set in the back of a truck. Edinburgh Festival '97 (4* - The Scotsman)
3.Ladies in Waiting-Brownie Re-Union- More silly sketches.
Edinburgh Festival '08 (4* & Pick of The Fringe - The List)
4. Two brilliant sitcoms - one set on a train called Briefcase
and the other sees two Thelma and Louise types go on a gap year...around the UK.

Well that's enough of Charlotte blowing her own trumpet (actually she plays the flute in a professional flute & strings quartet). It just remains for her to tell you that she is also one half of comedy duo Palmer & Cock who have toured on the London fringe circuit to acclaim.

Charlotte has been seen most recently treading the boards in Backbeat (the hit musical which tells the story of how the Beatles came to be) which toured to Toronto & Los Angeles. She featured in Changeling Theatre's Richard III which toured the UK in 2013. She has since appeared in The New Vic Theatre's Robin Hood and Marion and Eat a Crocodile's Measure for Measure.

Charlotte starred as the face of a viral marketing trail for Bodyform in response to a comment posted on the brand's Facebook wall - Bodyform Responds :: The Truth was written, filmed and seeded in less than six days.The film clocked 3 million views in its first week. It was the 'Most Viewed' video on YouTube on 18th October 2012. As well as receiving an enormous amount of press coverage, the team behind it won a Cannes Golden Lion for their work in 2013.
Middlesex Polytechnic

DIALECTS / ACCENTS; RP; Cockney, Liverpool, Standard American,
French, Good Ear
MUSICAL SKILLS; Flute - Grade 8 (professional standard) Piano -
Grade 4
SPECIAL SKILLS; Full Car Driving and Motorcycle Driving License,
Comedy, Writing, Street Performing, Clowning, Strong Swimmer,

Showreel 2013
Charlotte Palmer